Difficult life decisions

All my childhood I lusted after a rocking horse.  I also had a love of carousels.  Then one day Aunty May, a wonderful family friend, spotted a carousel rocking horse in a local antique shop.  Much excitement ensued, ending up with a very large parcel being under the Christmas tree for me that year!  (Don’t worry environmentalists, he wasn’t wrapped in paper, it was a satin sheet that covered him!).  I was 20 at the time.


With my moving around and being in flats until recently he has stood in the dining room at my parent’s house and I only get a ride when I go home.  Yes, he is strong enough to take my mighty weight, he is a marvellous beast!  However the day has come when my Dad wants to redecorate and poor Firefly won’t match in.  Now I have to make a decision of (a) having him at my house, (b) putting him in the garage at parent’s place, or (c) selling him.

The first option (a) isn’t really an option, unless we get rid of the dining room table or the sofa bed in the spare room, and even then he would have to fear for his life with our cats.  The next option (b) seems a shame, especially as I’m not sure we’ll ever afford a house big enough to take him, so what would be the point?  That just leaves (c) which would be very sad, especially if we do ever do the scary baby thing.  I mean, wouldn’t an ickle Robertson just love having a Firefly to grow up with?

Much mulling over to be done I think.  Nicole suggested asking a museum or something to house and exhibit him which is a nice idea so I might look into that as well.  I was in the Hamilton toy museum in Callander at the weekend but they just don’t have the space for him.

Any answers on a postcard/comments form please!  Prizes may be available if you fix this pickle!  Although don’t expect a go on Firefly as I’m a bit cagey about letting other people ride him!!

Firefly front viewFirefly front

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