I finally did it!!

Ok so this blog entry is likely to get me in lots of trouble with my Mummy and Daddy as they will find out the awful truth about something I’ve been hiding from them.  But I currently feel so great I think I can handle it, so on with my news!

I have just been out for a bike ride.  Now to a normal person that might not be ground breaking and amazing news, but to me its a huge thing.

I think I’ve mentioned before that this year I have been trying to get fit and healthy.  I lost 8 pounds before going on holiday in June and was feeling really great for it.  I had been using the PS2 Kinetics “game” / “exercise video” which is like a personal trainer on a disk and loved it, but I let myself have the week off for my birthday in April and sort of forgot to get back into exercise after that.  Then I went on holiday and drank and ate too much and put all the weight back on but still feel better than I did last year so all was not lost.  Now I’m just about back to where I was before my holiday but I know its exercise I need. 

I have been trying to get hold of a Wii Fit (should be delivered Monday – hurrah!) and keep thinking that with this lovely weather I should get outside, fresh air and exercise are a fab mixture.  However, I tried the bike and realised I couldn’t remember how to work the gears and it was dirty.  Last weekend I washed it and then went to get on it and realised the tyres were flat.  Our foot pump had broken a while ago and we’d just been taking the car to the electronic pumps in garages.  So on Monday I had to buy a foot pump, but then evenings are not the time to do something like remember how to ride a bike so its taken me until today to get on it!!  I fell asleep early last night and so woke up at 7.30 raring to go.  Was lying there thinking, I could try and get back to sleep or I could go out in the empty streets when there’s noone to see if I fall off my bike.  So off I went!

It was fab!  I’d asked around and got advice on how gears work and it didn’t take me too long to get the hang of it again and I’d forgotten that fab feeling of the wind in your hair!  I didn’t go far as it was my first bike ride in…probably 10 years or something.  I did discover that there’s a path that goes straight from here to Asda, completely off the road.  There’s also a bit from the path into where the doctor’s surgery is and there’s a kiddies play park there too – swings!! Hurrah!  I then came back and investigated a path that we drive past every day and I was intregued as to where it goes – and I found a farm with cows!!  Excellent!!  Will have to take my camera out sometime.  Next time I go out I will go over to Perwinnes Moss which is supposed to be lovely.  Did realise that the pathways through the countryside that I had thought of cyling are used by a lot of dog walkers so will need to watch out for dogs that chase bikes.  Most owners seem to take care of their dogs so as long as I’m polite and thank them all it should be fine!  Now I’ve worked it all out I should be able to have a wee cycle some nights after work whilst Bryan makes my dinner, should get more toned legs quite easily that way I would think!

So why will this get me a row from my folks?  Well I bought my bike a long time ago when my Aunt died and left me some money, its a lovely orange and black mountain bike with 18 gears and I love it.  I used to ride it quite a lot when I lived at home, visiting Julia or going to the shop or whatever.  Then I went to uni in Aberdeen and it was put in the garage.  So a few years ago Bryan and I bought a flat in Liberton with a bike shed and I got to thinking that it would be nice to have a bike in my bike shed and that I could use it for getting fit.  I asked my parents to get it overhauled for my birthday I think it was…  Hmm just checked my present’s lists and seem to have deleted what I got for my 29th think that might have been when it was.  They sent it to the local bike place and it got totally overhauled including new tyres and stuff.  This is me only just using it now.  Ooops.  Sorry Mum and Dad!!  I did try it once in Edinburgh but I put myself off and didn’t get on it again.  Hopefully now that will all change though!!

Anyway must go get a shower and get to the shops as I might be in the Telegraph today, or it might be tomorrow, can’t work out which day the money section comes out…

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