Photo texting game

A few of my pals and I exchange random text photos from time to time, it’s a great game that I love!  Anyway I thought I would share some of the coolest photos I’ve received recently.

Jo’s blokey works on a farm, he’s taken me out before to see the cows but now I live up north its not so easy to go visiting so when Jo was out with him she sent me a picture of this year’s moo coos:

Jo’s cows.  They are so cute and mooy!

I met a lovely man at a party who works on a farm and sends me piccies of his pigs and things, this one’s a lovely one of the view at the farm:

Doug’s pond on the farm.   So hard to look at lovely photos like these when you’re stuck in an office but at the same time nice to remember that there’s life outside the office!!

Next up is a picture that filled me with joy as it was from Bryan and it was of a pressie for me – the best pressie I can get!

Bryan’s Kit Kats for me

Of course I have to find things to text back ad there was no question on Sunday of whether I should share this wee chap or not as he’s utterly adorable:

Lorna’s kitten.  His name is Sonic and he’s just moved in with my Mother in Law and her family.  There’s two of them but the other one wouldn’t pose for me quite as splendidly!

Now I’m onto the subject of cats of course I have to share my little chaps, or rather just the one as he’s been cute and lovely in his super blue bucket:

George in his bucket.  I hasten to add that it wasn’t me that tied tissue paper round his neck, I merely commented on how nice the red set off his blackness!  Bless him!  To keep it fair, here’s one of Bryan’s photos of Benson, the poser!

Benson posing

As I’m sharing, I would also like to share the gorgeous and lovely flower buds on the plants that I have grown from bulbs. I’m very proud of myself for getting to this point.  Bryan even had to stake them up for me cause they are so big they were getting floppy, very exciting!

Gladioli growing flowers!!

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