Am I a wally?

Went to see Wall-E last night with the hubby, well how could a self confessed “Monica” resist an advertising poster like this:


We love Pixar movies so were really excited, well I was excited, although part of that was the promise of ice cream of course!  As usual there was an amazing short cartoon to start with, featuring the cutest bunny who I really want a teddy of now!  The movie itself was very good, the animation is just amazing.  However I’m ashamed to say I came out feeling depressed.  I maybe am the only one who can go and see a funny kid’s cartoon and come out worrying about how awful we are to our planet and where the future will take us, but there you go.  It really does frighten me when I watch movies like this, saying how we’re filling the world with rubbish and becoming so lazy we’re going to turn into slug people.  It makes me wonder how people can have babies in such a world where the future, and not necessarily the distant future, can be very bleak.  Children of Men had the same effect on me, although in a different more severe way.  Could hardly even bear to think about the movie for about 2 weeks afterwards but then bought the DVD, well if it has that much effect on me it earns a space in my collection!

Dark Knight tomorrow night so fingers crossed for that one!  Am sure Batman can fix the world before the movie ends and leave me feeling happy and safe.  Although will probably be depressed over the tragic loss of Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace.  Ah well, at least I’ll get more ice cream…

Ice cream

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