Captain Jack Sparrow watches the horizon

So today is the anniversary of the day that my gorgeous, much loved, chipmunk passed away.  Captain Jack Sparrow was only wee, and only in our lives a short while, but its amazing how big a space he left when he passed away and how easily I can still cry about it.  Although as Bryan will vouch I do cry at the smallest thing!

We adopted Jack (as he was known to his friends!) from a lady Bryan worked with.  Her boyfriend had just moved in with her and as one of them had a cat and one had a chipmunk it was agreed that one pet needed to go.  In fact the morning we collected him he had been caught on a claw and had a wee cut, bless him.  It felt like fate that he came to live with us, what with me being a long term Johnny Depp fan and utterly adoring the Pirates of the Carribean movies!

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

So Jack came to live with us and we had some jolly times together.  He was so cute and fun, always investigating anything new you put within reach, always desperate to eat any flowers he could see.  He’d sit and watch you, watch tv for ages or sometimes he’d watch it with you – especially liking that scene in one of the Ace Ventura movies where there’s squirrels and stuff running round his house.

His greatest joys were grapes, raspberries and walnuts although he was also fond of monkey nuts as I have blogged about previously.

He could be a pest, like the time he fell asleep inside a speaker and we spent ages wafting raspberries at the entrance and gently shaking the whole speaker trying to get him to come out so we could put him back in his cage and go out!  In the end Bryan was using his camera flash to try and waken him, which ended up with some fab pictures!

Captain Jack Sparrow through the round window…

He wasn’t a big one for cuddles but had his own ways of showing affection, sitting on your shoulder, nibbling your ear, running up and down your whole body if you were wearing clothes that he could get a grip of!

When we moved from Edinburgh to Aberdeen it was him that worried me the most, it was a long way for him to be shut in a small box and he’d not enjoyed the car even on the short ride to our flat initially.  When there were problems with the bridging loan for the house in Aberdeen I was squeeling at the solicitor – you have to sort it out I’m in the car with my chipmunk and we need somewhere to get him back in his cage!

There are no words that can express how much that wee guy meant to me and I know I’ll always remember him fondly.  All I can say is that you want a really fun and interesting pet, who is really easy to look after as they are really clean animals and keep their cages fairly clean…  Get a Chipmunk!  Meanwhile I’ll have to settle for an occassional visit to the back of our shed where poor Jack ended up, in a cling film box as it was the only thing the right size to fit in his glorious tail!

All that’s left

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