Drawing the line re sharing

So I thought a blog would be fun to share random thoughts and cool things that I see:


but I’m realising that it’s hard to know where to draw the line and stop sharing.  I mean, anyone in the whole wide world could read this.  “Could” being the operative word obviously as I don’t kid myself that many people actually do!

So although it would be good therapy to write about what actually is going on in life you just end up waffling about silly things and nothing that matters.  I guess I could set up anonymous blogs about deep issues like this lady has (worth a read if you’re a Mummy by the way).  As well as seeming like even more work I just have to ask – where’s the fun in that?

Had a Virgin Vie party last night which was good fun.  Just an excuse to get some girlies in for a giggle really, there were 12 of us and a lot of giggling ended up in the kitchen, I think some lines of sharing were crossed there but I’m assured that’s quite normal (the lady we bought the house from was here and all the neighbours that were here were used to chatting in our kitchen apparently!).  I feel guilty as everyone brought at least a bottle of wine with them and it didn’t all get drunk so I’ve ended up with more than I started with, as well as getting to pick £52 worth of free stuff out the catalogue as my hostess gifts!  I also got given a make over and told I had lips to die for, so that was lovely!!  Most of the ladies also told me how pretty it looked so maybe I should make an effort with that make up stuff and stop being un-pretty?!!

Ray came along with Nicole and then kept the banished Bryan company down the pub, bless him.  Luckily there were only a few ladies left when they came home and Bryan declared himself to be the stripper for the night – to shrieks from the remaining few!  I’m glad to say he restrained himself though – for my eyes only I like to think!

Anyway must away and photograph the Air Hockey table.  We’ve decided it’s time we parted company with it and used the space more constructively so I’m going to put it on ebay or something.

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