Catch up and excitements

Right, so the question of the day is – am I lazy and bad for not having blogged for ages, or can I just not bear the thought of that photo of me with Michael Praed sinking lower down the page?  (Answers on a postcard!)

I seem to have lost my notes of France and I haven’t got round to opening my bag from Dublin so posts on them will have to wait!  In the meantime I have a few things to mention.

Firstly I have seen the coolest Lego set for some time.  I have been disappointed by the pieces/cost ratio recently but I think this looks like it would please me.  It also ties in nicely with my new actor obsession who has moved into my top 3.  There seems to be a movie on each night this week with him in and they end at 11pm so I am very tired as that is past my bedtime!  Ladies, and gentlemen, I give you…


Jason Statham

News from me – we have a new car.  Poor Jaguar has been sold in favour of something that hopefully won’t drink £200 a month in petrol.  In fact new car is so wee I don’t think it possibly could if it tried!  Its a lovely Suzuki Swift 1.5 GLX or K or something.  4 door so we can still give you a lift don’t worry!  You’ll still be looking for a silver car coincidently, funny how these things happen.  Anyway we found him in a garage down south and he was just what we wanted, we’d test driven one in the Suzuki garage in Peterhead but there second hand supply was limited and even with delivery it was cheaper buying one from England.  Was rather annoying though as we were explicitly told it would be delivered on a transporter (Jason?!) but it was actually driven up so had 400 extra miles on it than we expected.  Never trust a car salesman!

Selling the Jaguar was a bit stressful, bad time to sell a 3 litre car with petrol prices going mental but eventually a lovely man from Wick flew down and gave me a hand full of 50s for it.  Was rather surreal but very good!  Spent some of them on a massive tv so we will finally be HD enabled, or whatever, can’t wait for it to arrive now.

Jenny is trying to edumacate me on Web 2.0 stuff and has got me using Twitter.  Its strangely distracting, addictive and annoying all at the same time.  Not sure how long I’ll stay on it but I’m stupidgirl_no1 if anyone out there uses it and wants to twitter in my direction.  Won’t add it to my blogroll yet in case I go off it quickly!

Bryan and I had a week off work together which was fab and lovely.  Missed him lots being away for 10 days (longest we’d been apart since before we got married!) so was good to spend time together.  B turned 30 during the week so he had a night out with the boys playing poker.  We went to the cinema to see Indiana Jones during the week which was quite good and then had dinner out and a few drinks.  We also bought a Wii and spent an evening playing Wii Sports and Super Smash Bros Brawl which was super fun!  Now I just need to find somewhere selling the Wii Fit for the £70 it should be rather than over £100 as it seems to be anywhere it is actually available.

I guess I’m allowed to blog the most exciting news of the moment now.  Nicole and Ray are expecting a baby!!  January 1st is the potential exciting day although we all know these things don’t tend to run to time!  It’s so fab for them, although Nicole’s been having “morning sickness” every afternoon or evening so I haven’t seen her much recently which is a shame.  I spent the evening of the boy’s poker night at her house talking about maternity clothes, car seats and tiny, tiny fingernails.

Other exciting news is that there is a new Law Librarian in town.  Jenny from London has moved up to be with her boyfriend, she contacted me in case I could help her get a job so I tried!  Anyway we get on really well so we’ve already met up once since she got here and have another lunch lined up – hurrah!  Also, in Dublin we met the LL from Aberdeen University so we’re going to all get together at some point which will be good.  Is a lonely job I have up here compared to Faculty where there were 17 of us in the library so good to network.

As if all that isn’t enough excitement I’ve been asked to street team for The Brute Chorus at the Tartan Heart Festival which means I get free access to a music festival with quite a good line up – hurrah!!  Just need to sort out time off work and transport now!

Bryan’s off to se Aberdeen v Man U this weekend so he’s looking forward to that and I’m taking the opportunity to visit my parents as I’ve not seen them for far too long.  Nothing like a hug with your folks, oh and some of my Dad’s yummy food!

I think that’s me up to date so will give Hollyoaks more attention.  Awful but addictive.

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