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Photo texting game

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

A few of my pals and I exchange random text photos from time to time, it’s a great game that I love!  Anyway I thought I would share some of the coolest photos I’ve received recently.

Jo’s blokey works on a farm, he’s taken me out before to see the cows but now I live up north its not so easy to go visiting so when Jo was out with him she sent me a picture of this year’s moo coos:

Jo’s cows.  They are so cute and mooy!

I met a lovely man at a party who works on a farm and sends me piccies of his pigs and things, this one’s a lovely one of the view at the farm:

Doug’s pond on the farm.   So hard to look at lovely photos like these when you’re stuck in an office but at the same time nice to remember that there’s life outside the office!!

Next up is a picture that filled me with joy as it was from Bryan and it was of a pressie for me – the best pressie I can get!

Bryan’s Kit Kats for me

Of course I have to find things to text back ad there was no question on Sunday of whether I should share this wee chap or not as he’s utterly adorable:

Lorna’s kitten.  His name is Sonic and he’s just moved in with my Mother in Law and her family.  There’s two of them but the other one wouldn’t pose for me quite as splendidly!

Now I’m onto the subject of cats of course I have to share my little chaps, or rather just the one as he’s been cute and lovely in his super blue bucket:

George in his bucket.  I hasten to add that it wasn’t me that tied tissue paper round his neck, I merely commented on how nice the red set off his blackness!  Bless him!  To keep it fair, here’s one of Bryan’s photos of Benson, the poser!

Benson posing

As I’m sharing, I would also like to share the gorgeous and lovely flower buds on the plants that I have grown from bulbs. I’m very proud of myself for getting to this point.  Bryan even had to stake them up for me cause they are so big they were getting floppy, very exciting!

Gladioli growing flowers!!

My one artistic achievement

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not very artistic or creative and even have bad hand writing.  I am really proud however, of having been involved in an animated movie when I was at primary school.  Anyway its available online for anyone who would like to see it and I decided that now is the time to share it.  Yes, its Saturday night and I’m home and bored/lacking enthusiasm to do much!

I don’t have anything else to waffle on about really, I freecycled some stuff and a guy came to pick up one of the items today and proved what a small world it is.  He used to work with Bryan!  That’s one of the things I love about Aberdeen, it is more like a big village than a city, gives it a lovely feeling to it.

Dark Knight

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Awesome, absolutely awesome.

And the suggestion that Heath Ledger should get an Oscar is not just a pity vote as it’s his last movie.  Nope, he is utterly fabulous in it.  Rest in peace mate.

Am I a wally?

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Went to see Wall-E last night with the hubby, well how could a self confessed “Monica” resist an advertising poster like this:


We love Pixar movies so were really excited, well I was excited, although part of that was the promise of ice cream of course!  As usual there was an amazing short cartoon to start with, featuring the cutest bunny who I really want a teddy of now!  The movie itself was very good, the animation is just amazing.  However I’m ashamed to say I came out feeling depressed.  I maybe am the only one who can go and see a funny kid’s cartoon and come out worrying about how awful we are to our planet and where the future will take us, but there you go.  It really does frighten me when I watch movies like this, saying how we’re filling the world with rubbish and becoming so lazy we’re going to turn into slug people.  It makes me wonder how people can have babies in such a world where the future, and not necessarily the distant future, can be very bleak.  Children of Men had the same effect on me, although in a different more severe way.  Could hardly even bear to think about the movie for about 2 weeks afterwards but then bought the DVD, well if it has that much effect on me it earns a space in my collection!

Dark Knight tomorrow night so fingers crossed for that one!  Am sure Batman can fix the world before the movie ends and leave me feeling happy and safe.  Although will probably be depressed over the tragic loss of Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace.  Ah well, at least I’ll get more ice cream…

Ice cream


Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Captain Jack Sparrow watches the horizon

So today is the anniversary of the day that my gorgeous, much loved, chipmunk passed away.  Captain Jack Sparrow was only wee, and only in our lives a short while, but its amazing how big a space he left when he passed away and how easily I can still cry about it.  Although as Bryan will vouch I do cry at the smallest thing!

We adopted Jack (as he was known to his friends!) from a lady Bryan worked with.  Her boyfriend had just moved in with her and as one of them had a cat and one had a chipmunk it was agreed that one pet needed to go.  In fact the morning we collected him he had been caught on a claw and had a wee cut, bless him.  It felt like fate that he came to live with us, what with me being a long term Johnny Depp fan and utterly adoring the Pirates of the Carribean movies!

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

So Jack came to live with us and we had some jolly times together.  He was so cute and fun, always investigating anything new you put within reach, always desperate to eat any flowers he could see.  He’d sit and watch you, watch tv for ages or sometimes he’d watch it with you – especially liking that scene in one of the Ace Ventura movies where there’s squirrels and stuff running round his house.

His greatest joys were grapes, raspberries and walnuts although he was also fond of monkey nuts as I have blogged about previously.

He could be a pest, like the time he fell asleep inside a speaker and we spent ages wafting raspberries at the entrance and gently shaking the whole speaker trying to get him to come out so we could put him back in his cage and go out!  In the end Bryan was using his camera flash to try and waken him, which ended up with some fab pictures!

Captain Jack Sparrow through the round window…

He wasn’t a big one for cuddles but had his own ways of showing affection, sitting on your shoulder, nibbling your ear, running up and down your whole body if you were wearing clothes that he could get a grip of!

When we moved from Edinburgh to Aberdeen it was him that worried me the most, it was a long way for him to be shut in a small box and he’d not enjoyed the car even on the short ride to our flat initially.  When there were problems with the bridging loan for the house in Aberdeen I was squeeling at the solicitor – you have to sort it out I’m in the car with my chipmunk and we need somewhere to get him back in his cage!

There are no words that can express how much that wee guy meant to me and I know I’ll always remember him fondly.  All I can say is that you want a really fun and interesting pet, who is really easy to look after as they are really clean animals and keep their cages fairly clean…  Get a Chipmunk!  Meanwhile I’ll have to settle for an occassional visit to the back of our shed where poor Jack ended up, in a cling film box as it was the only thing the right size to fit in his glorious tail!

All that’s left

Drawing the line re sharing

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

So I thought a blog would be fun to share random thoughts and cool things that I see:


but I’m realising that it’s hard to know where to draw the line and stop sharing.  I mean, anyone in the whole wide world could read this.  “Could” being the operative word obviously as I don’t kid myself that many people actually do!

So although it would be good therapy to write about what actually is going on in life you just end up waffling about silly things and nothing that matters.  I guess I could set up anonymous blogs about deep issues like this lady has (worth a read if you’re a Mummy by the way).  As well as seeming like even more work I just have to ask – where’s the fun in that?

Had a Virgin Vie party last night which was good fun.  Just an excuse to get some girlies in for a giggle really, there were 12 of us and a lot of giggling ended up in the kitchen, I think some lines of sharing were crossed there but I’m assured that’s quite normal (the lady we bought the house from was here and all the neighbours that were here were used to chatting in our kitchen apparently!).  I feel guilty as everyone brought at least a bottle of wine with them and it didn’t all get drunk so I’ve ended up with more than I started with, as well as getting to pick £52 worth of free stuff out the catalogue as my hostess gifts!  I also got given a make over and told I had lips to die for, so that was lovely!!  Most of the ladies also told me how pretty it looked so maybe I should make an effort with that make up stuff and stop being un-pretty?!!

Ray came along with Nicole and then kept the banished Bryan company down the pub, bless him.  Luckily there were only a few ladies left when they came home and Bryan declared himself to be the stripper for the night – to shrieks from the remaining few!  I’m glad to say he restrained himself though – for my eyes only I like to think!

Anyway must away and photograph the Air Hockey table.  We’ve decided it’s time we parted company with it and used the space more constructively so I’m going to put it on ebay or something.

Twittering on as normal..

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Hmm so I’ve not blogged for a while, again!  And then jimmy1712 on Twitter mentioned this blog entry and made me feel guilty at deserting my wee blog!  Of course it’s all Twitter’s fault as I was told it’s the “place to be” or “thing to do” virtually of course.  So I am trying it and I’m quite enjoying it but I can see that it’s a bit of a waste of time although you do get told about useful things like Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, shown videos of your hero’s latest work, or shown:


There are only so many hours in the day though, and drat that’s lunch hour over again!

I have a friend – official!

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

At last I can rest happy as I have been publically called a friend – hurrah! 

“Terra Firma Chambers Seminars and Champagne Reception in Aberdeen

Thursday 10th July 2008

With booming oil prices, the golf course inquiry and Terra Firma’s Aberdeen launch, the Granite City has rightly enjoyed pride of place in Scotlands news stories. 

Terra Firma was delighted to inaugurate its series of seminars in the splendid library of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen on 26th June. We were pleased to maintain contact not only with this august institution, but also its new Executive Secretary and Librarian Maria Robertson – a former senior librarian and longstanding friend of the Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh. 

All three seminars were well-attended and prompted much discussion, particularly the talk on planning law, the timeliness of which could hardly have been bettered (or, dare one say it, trumped). 

After the legal soliloquies, it was across the road to The Foyer at HMT for refreshments.  What, if anything, actors and Advocates have in common is always something of a moot point.  So far as 26th June was concerned, there was no drama to report, only good humour and great potential for developing strong working relationships in the future.”


Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Spooky, I wrote about being unhappy with a car salesman yesterday and today a cheque arrives from him.  I retract any, well most, of the negativity I sent out.

Catch up and excitements

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Right, so the question of the day is – am I lazy and bad for not having blogged for ages, or can I just not bear the thought of that photo of me with Michael Praed sinking lower down the page?  (Answers on a postcard!)

I seem to have lost my notes of France and I haven’t got round to opening my bag from Dublin so posts on them will have to wait!  In the meantime I have a few things to mention.

Firstly I have seen the coolest Lego set for some time.  I have been disappointed by the pieces/cost ratio recently but I think this looks like it would please me.  It also ties in nicely with my new actor obsession who has moved into my top 3.  There seems to be a movie on each night this week with him in and they end at 11pm so I am very tired as that is past my bedtime!  Ladies, and gentlemen, I give you…


Jason Statham

News from me – we have a new car.  Poor Jaguar has been sold in favour of something that hopefully won’t drink £200 a month in petrol.  In fact new car is so wee I don’t think it possibly could if it tried!  Its a lovely Suzuki Swift 1.5 GLX or K or something.  4 door so we can still give you a lift don’t worry!  You’ll still be looking for a silver car coincidently, funny how these things happen.  Anyway we found him in a garage down south and he was just what we wanted, we’d test driven one in the Suzuki garage in Peterhead but there second hand supply was limited and even with delivery it was cheaper buying one from England.  Was rather annoying though as we were explicitly told it would be delivered on a transporter (Jason?!) but it was actually driven up so had 400 extra miles on it than we expected.  Never trust a car salesman!

Selling the Jaguar was a bit stressful, bad time to sell a 3 litre car with petrol prices going mental but eventually a lovely man from Wick flew down and gave me a hand full of 50s for it.  Was rather surreal but very good!  Spent some of them on a massive tv so we will finally be HD enabled, or whatever, can’t wait for it to arrive now.

Jenny is trying to edumacate me on Web 2.0 stuff and has got me using Twitter.  Its strangely distracting, addictive and annoying all at the same time.  Not sure how long I’ll stay on it but I’m stupidgirl_no1 if anyone out there uses it and wants to twitter in my direction.  Won’t add it to my blogroll yet in case I go off it quickly!

Bryan and I had a week off work together which was fab and lovely.  Missed him lots being away for 10 days (longest we’d been apart since before we got married!) so was good to spend time together.  B turned 30 during the week so he had a night out with the boys playing poker.  We went to the cinema to see Indiana Jones during the week which was quite good and then had dinner out and a few drinks.  We also bought a Wii and spent an evening playing Wii Sports and Super Smash Bros Brawl which was super fun!  Now I just need to find somewhere selling the Wii Fit for the £70 it should be rather than over £100 as it seems to be anywhere it is actually available.

I guess I’m allowed to blog the most exciting news of the moment now.  Nicole and Ray are expecting a baby!!  January 1st is the potential exciting day although we all know these things don’t tend to run to time!  It’s so fab for them, although Nicole’s been having “morning sickness” every afternoon or evening so I haven’t seen her much recently which is a shame.  I spent the evening of the boy’s poker night at her house talking about maternity clothes, car seats and tiny, tiny fingernails.

Other exciting news is that there is a new Law Librarian in town.  Jenny from London has moved up to be with her boyfriend, she contacted me in case I could help her get a job so I tried!  Anyway we get on really well so we’ve already met up once since she got here and have another lunch lined up – hurrah!  Also, in Dublin we met the LL from Aberdeen University so we’re going to all get together at some point which will be good.  Is a lonely job I have up here compared to Faculty where there were 17 of us in the library so good to network.

As if all that isn’t enough excitement I’ve been asked to street team for The Brute Chorus at the Tartan Heart Festival which means I get free access to a music festival with quite a good line up – hurrah!!  Just need to sort out time off work and transport now!

Bryan’s off to se Aberdeen v Man U this weekend so he’s looking forward to that and I’m taking the opportunity to visit my parents as I’ve not seen them for far too long.  Nothing like a hug with your folks, oh and some of my Dad’s yummy food!

I think that’s me up to date so will give Hollyoaks more attention.  Awful but addictive.