Piggy Love

Ok so Bryan’s playing XBox and I’m bored – well I just filled in a car insurance quote and we all know how dull that is!  Going to save tons of money with downsizing car though – hurrah!  So I thought I’d look through some of my old documents and see if I could delete any.  Instead I found some of my poetry from a few years ago and thought I would share.  I have a lovely friend, a farmer, who I met at a party and now he texts me pictures of animals from his farm now and then..

e.g. Dougie’s Pig

 ..so this one’s dedicated to him!


                                                A pig

                                                Fat, filthy and furious

                                                Snorts his way across his sty.

                                                “Sorry dinner’s late – car broke down.”

                                                “Snort” says pig “snort snort”

                                                Greedily he thrusts his nose

                                                Deep into the kitchen scraps,

                                                Snorting in ecstasy.

                                                I watch as he grabs at potato peelings,

                                                Brussel sprouts and other rubbish,

                                                Savouring it as if it were caviar.

                                                A pig

                                                Fat, filthy and full-up

                                                Sits back on his haunches.

                                                I cautiously enter the sty

                                                “Snort” says pig “snort snort”

                                                Hawk-like his beady eyes follow me

                                                As I crouch next to him in the muck

                                                And start scratching his back.

                                                His eyes close as he wrinkles his nose and

                                                Savours my attention

                                                As if I were a trained masseur.

                                                A pig

                                                Fat, filthy and friendly

                                                Lies with his head on my lap

                                                Gazing deep into my eyes

                                                “Snort” says pig “snort snort.”

2 Responses to “Piggy Love”

  1. Jennie says:

    Cool poem, but……….arghghghhghghghg, I thought from the thumbnail in the RSS feed that the photo was of a rabbit for some reason, and got freaked when I clicked on it and it looked like a rabbit with half a face missing!!!


  2. stupidgirl says:

    Hee hee, no it’s a piggie! Was taken on his mobile phne so maybe not the best photo ever!