Samurai and wetness

Ooooh, what joys have been captivating me since my last blog entry?!

Well Thursday night was a work Social Event.  It is my job to attend these, yes I do have a hard life, it’s a shame.  This one was to visit Glover House and have a very interesting and educational tour.  Thomas Glover was from Fraserburgh but helped Japan with its development, starting the Mitsubishi company and introducing the first railway.  The house was bought for his parents and has some fab stuff in it!

Samurai outfitGlover House kitchen

Friday’s excitement happened once I finished work – I phoned a man about a car we’d seen for sale online, and I think we’re buying one!  Woohoo!  More details once it’s confirmed but if anyone wants to buy an S type Jag please get in touch!

Saturday was spent cleaning said car and taking photos before any of the local seagulls did what they do best.  Nuff said!  The evening saw us visiting Ray and Nicole with our friend Lydia for a very yummy and filling dinner!  We actually had to go for a walk round the block to try and keep us all awake as we went into a post food slump!  Was my favourite – spagetti bolonaise, followed by a chocolate volcano pudding and custard.  YUM!!!  I do love food!

Aujourd’hui Lydia, Raiya and I zoomed to Edinburgh in Lyd’s wee Mini and went to the Vodafone TBA concert in the Gardens.  We saw the Sugababes, Hoosiers and The Feeling.  In that order of appearance and greatness of performance!  And here’s the pictures in order too!

Lydia’s reaction to the backing dancersThe Sugababes and backing dancersHoosiersMore Hoosiers!The Feeling!Lovely boyzDreamy rockin’Dan adjusts

And if you wonder where the “wetness” in the title came from – it started raining after the Sugababes and continued right though so various items of clothing were soaked right through by the end.  Just glad we had been sensible older people and taken waterproof jackets!  Boring but sensible folks, it doesn’t hurt!!

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  1. Jennie says:

    Is is indeed a terrible tragedy that Mr Dan is gay. Think he’d be willing to try conversion? 😀