Girls Aloud

Ok so last night was the Girls Aloud concert at the AECC.  There were 3 support bands of varying “talent”, apparently The Saturdays think they will be the next Girls Aloud – 5 girls, bright coloured costumes, poppy tunes – could you be any more alike them?

The Girls themselves put on an excellent show though, lots of fireworks, costume changes, fit lads – the works.  They did murder Salt n Peppa’s Push It at one point, to follow up an awful song called Fling of their own.  But when they kept to the pop it was good pop!!

 Our seats were in the furthest back spot but I did manage to get some photos for my male friends, as requested:

 Grand EntranceGirls at our end of the stageGolden girlsEncore outfits

Videos on my Bebo page, link to right hand side!

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