Squeeze one in

Ok so I have time, and “material”, for a wee blog before tonight’s cheesy pop extravaganza!

Sunday – went to some tiny village to see my pal Jo, Randy and their 2 kids as they were visiting the grandparents.  Poor wee Emma had the chicken pox so we had to meet there rather than the children’s adventure play ground we had arranged, much to my disappointment!  We had a nice time though, was good to see them all as I’ve only seen Jo once since I left Edinburgh.  Amazing how quickly Emma is growing though, last time I saw her she was a babe in arms and now she’s running around and “talking”!

Last night I was at the theatre to see Joseph, which was absolutely brilliant.  I’m not sure if my huge love for the whole performance was a follow up to the fact that we did it at school when I was very small.  I certainly seemed able to sing along to many of the songs (tried to do it quietly though!).  There were some great twists and surprises in it – like Elvis – but I’ll say no more on that in case you’re going to see it!!  The costumes and sets were fantastic, so colourful and clever.

I didn’t get the big fuss over the guy playing Joseph, Craig Chalmers, but then I don’t watch these kind of programmes that he was in.  He was quite good but I loved the narrator more, Tara Bethan, she was really good.  As was Chris Dilley, one of the brothers.  He was just full of life and obviously enjoying himself so it was impossible not to enjoy watching him!

My official review is available on What’s On Stage.  I was there on their behalf “auditioning” to be a reviewer for them and – whoohoo – they liked my work!!  So hopefully will get to go to the theatre more – and for free, excellent!!  Plus 1s, line up here please as I get to take a guest!

Anyway over and out, might blog tomorrow if the gals are any good tonight!

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