Avoiding Eurovision

Ok, so I can’t handle that much cheese in a one-er so I was watching anything rather than BBC1 tonight, even gave Pushing Daisies a second chance but still don’t like it!  Anyway found a program that was really cool and it has various clips on its website so if you like comedy and missed The Comedy Map of Britain, you can still check it out.  Seems to be something for everyone, if you like to laugh – and who doesn’t?!

Other news, today we test drove a Suzuki Swift and decided that we do want one.  Our lovely big Jag is just not economical.  When we bought it we hardly drove so wanted something that was a nice treat when we did.  Then Bryan got a job that involved driving from client to client and our mileage shot up.  Of course with the fuel prices increasing as well its just stupid, and bad for the environment obviously.  So we’re being sensible and down sizing from a 3 litre to a 1.3 or 1.5.  *sigh*.  It’s boring being sensible!  Just need to find a nice one with reasonable mileage that we can afford now..and sell the Jag.

Right well I should probably go sleeps now, fell asleep in front of the tv about 9.30 last night and slept through till 8 this morning, think I’m too old for 2 nights out in a row!  Lucky I have a nice quiet weekend to recover.

Will warn you now, next blog will probably be about seeing Girls Aloud live (insert lots of screaming 8 year old girls here).  I’m going with Gill, who we bought our house from, and her daughter Victoria.  It’s Victoria’s first proper concert so I think we’re all looking forward to it.  Should be quite a good show – those girls do good pop!  Bit different from my usual choice of band but diversity is a good thing.

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