Missing the sofa, or am I?!

Ok so it might have been “school nights” but I’ve been out the last two nights – shock! horror!

Wednesday night I went to a drinks reception in Edinburgh at the Signet Library.  It was a good excuse to do some networking, and catch up with some fellow Law Librarians.  Oh, and there was free flowing pink champagne!  Bit mad to do 5 hours on a train for a 2 hour drinks do but I still think it was worth it, I do miss folk down there.

Last night I was at Her Majesty’s Theatre to see the Scottish Ballet perform Romeo and Juliet.  It ws wonderfully done, and made more interesting by a pre show talk by one of the guys behind the choreography.  Have never been to a pre show talk before but it made you feel more part of the performance somehow, was really great.

I love ballet and this performance was really rather magical and fab!  The costumes were gorgeous and the cast very well picked, mostly.  Juliet was this delicate little creature, although Romeo wasn’t quite as strikingly handsome as I expected somehow.  I would have gone for one of the other guys, one from Juliet’s side probably!  They had these fab black outfits with knee high boots, all most kinky and fab!!

Mum and Juliet

Anyway if you get the chance to see it on it’s tour you really should as its marvellous.  I just found it really hard not to dance down Union Street to the bus stop!!

3 Responses to “Missing the sofa, or am I?!”

  1. Hi stupidgirl!

    Great to see a review of Romeo and Juliet, we love to know what our fans think! Glad you enjoyed the preshow talk, was it with Ashley Page, our creative director?

    Come and check out our new forums at scottishballet.co.uk. They’re new but we’re hoping they’ll pick up population soon!

    Also, you can grab pictures of the production at our myspace, bebo and facebook!


  2. <p><p>Yes it was Ashley Paige, what a wonderful speaker. Obviously totally loves what he does. Will steal photos ta!</p></p>

  3. Russell says:

    I really enjoyed hearing Ashley speak too, and agree with stupidgirl, it added to the appreciation of the stylish production.