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Friendly Frolics!

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Ok so I don’t miss Edinburgh, except for my job and my friends.  So I went down for a weekend to catch up with some of the friends.  Two pals have bought new flats since I was last there so it was time to check them out – and test the guest rooms of course!  Friday night I jumped on a train after work and zoomed down to meet Jennie.  We went back to hers and I had the grand tour before Lorna arrived with some vino.  The evening then progressed with a mixure of fizzing candy..

Fizzing candy kills!

attempts to use the Wii Fit (hoola hoop game is brill fun but watch out for shouting things like “stay up there for cryng out loud, come on, get it up!”)…

Wii controller in one hand, fizzing pop in the other!

Note the fizzy sweets in one hand and wii remote in the other, not sure if this is a recommended duo!  Evening also featured a very exciting “fashion show” where I got into some size 10 jeans, and age 15 jeans!  Woohoo!!!  Even went totally crazy and tried on one of her bikinis!  Unfortunately that was just as some of her other friends, including a man, arrived so only Lorna saw that – but she wasn’t sick so that’s promising!

Was a fun night and Jennie and I ended up chatting till 3, once the others left, which was lovely as I haven’t seen her for a while.

Next morning I was due in Musselburgh to meet Angela and Louise, we met over cake which I approved of totally!  Then we went down to Haddington for the day, had a gorgeous lunch in the Victoria Inn and went round lots of lovely little shops, so nice to see independent shops.

Then it was home for a really lovely dinner with David and Becki.  Think we all spent a lot of time gazing out the window enjoying the views:

View from a windowMen searching for mussels

Although looking wasn’t good enough when it came to me and those wonderful digger things in the children’s playground!

Stupidgirl gets diggy with it!

The weekend was finished off with a trip into town for lunch at TGIs.  Angela, Louise, David and Jennie got together for that which was a nice tying up of the weekend!  Also seemed a good excuse for a couple of cocktails!!  And I think they made the train journey easier, at least helped me have a wee nap.