Dusty Rhodes…

Me and half the band!

I should probably explain this photo of me and some wondrously hairy men.  Or maybe it’s more fun not to explain it!  Maybe I just like gathering groups of beardies and hugging them.  Hmmm, now there’s a thought!

Ok, so I was asked to be the Street Team for Dusty Rhodes and the River Band when they supported Dirty Pretty Things.  I must admit to not really having been aware of Dusty but having tried to get tickets for the DPT too late and being upset.  So I accepted happily.  Anyway I had a great night and spent most of the concert outside getting email addresses for the mailing list and talking to random passers by and the bouncers, then I moved to the merchandise stall and bothered the lovely young guy there (Hi Hughsy!  – if that’s how you spell it and if you ever happen to see this!).  The band came up and I got to chat to them and loads of folk who had really enjoyed their performance which was cool.  They were really lovely guys (and a girl but I didn’t get to speak to her much!) and obviously love what they do, which comes through in the music.  They very kindly gave me a free CD and some of them signed it.  Was a random but thoroughly enjoyable night, all in all!  I do love that feeling of being “with the band” as several people seemed to think I was *smug grin*.

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