Excitement galore!

So, we were in Edinburgh for the weekend.  Lyndsay is back from Australia so we were meeting her for lunch with Iain and Laura and their wee daughter Rose.  Then we were staying the night with the Young family.  So that was exciting, we haven’t seen Lyndsay since she went off to Oz and this is only the second time we’ve met Rose.

It was nice to all be together again, although it was a shame Kieron couldn’t be with us too.  However he had sent a diamond for us to look at.  That’s right, he and Lyndsay are engaged at last!!  Woohoo!!!  They are moving back to the UK, which is very exciting.  Wedding will be September next year hopefully so I can start dress shopping now I guess!

Maria, Lyndsay and Laura together again!

We had a really nice meal, and a wee bit of wine I think..  Bryan turned out to be a good Uncle and managed to keep Rose happy for a wee while, whilst making my womb skip everal beats!!!

Uncle Bryan with ickle Rose

After lunch we all went back to Iain and Laura’s and played with Rose and had a good natter.  Lyndsay and I were quite taken with Rose’s bouncey thing but apparently its only for little people.  Life is rather unfair sometimes but we managed to make do with just watching her in it.

Laura, Iain and Rose

Meanwhile I was quite concerned about their poor pet fish who seems to think its sensible to sleep upside down.  Perhaps he’s just attention seeking as their attention is taken up elsewhere.

Sick little fishy

Anyway it was a nice weekend and good to catch up with everyone.  Plus I learnt a new game called “Shoot, Marry or Sh*g”.  Someone gives you 3 famous people and you have to choose which one you would do each thing to.  It’s really hard when they give you 3 people you really like as you have to shoot one of them!

Right, now to stick to the sofa for the evening and chill!

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