Must vent…

Ok so you get to the till, they take your card and hand you a pen whilst the slip prints out.  You put the pen into your left hand, yes I am a leftie.  Why then do they have to angle the slip towards my ***** right hand?!  Come on people, I maybe let you off when you hand the slip over as you angle the slip as I realise I am a minority group.  But when I’m holding the blinking pen there is no excuse!!  Bet if I offered a condom to a Catholic or pork to a Muslim I would get done for racism but us lefties are discriminated against all the time.  Ok so that’s maybe a bit harsh and controversial or whatever but it really really bugs me. 

A bit like a certain local bar who has only one chocolate related dessert on its menu and the two times that I’ve eaten there it has been “unavailable”.  There are various behaviours in life which are just not necessary.

On the upside (finish on a high note so I don’t seem totally like a moany old woman) today was Ben and Jerrys free cone day  and I actually managed to be in the right place at the right time!  Free tub of Chocolate Fudge Brownie for me – hurrah!!

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