Naughty me

Ok so I get new blog, I get all excited and post some stuff.  Once there’s a wee bit of reading I announce it to everyone..and then I get too busy to post anything for ages and it seems a bit pointless!  Sorry!  Have smacked myself and will try and do better in future. 

Anyway today is a lovely, free from work, public holiday so before I go and get stuck into the gardening I thought I would do a wee catch up!

We now have an extractor fan in our bathroom so don’t need to shower with the window open.  To be a bit environmental I demanded that it be on a separate switch from the light so that one nice light mornings I can leave the lights off and just have the fan on.  Is also good for those pee stops during the night, you can put the light on without waking everyone up with the fan!   Not sure what the next house project will be, probably decorating the spare room as there’s a big white patch where the old storage heater was.  Can’t decide what colour to make it though, I like the light blue that it is but if one day it needs to be a nursery for a wee girl, that’s not “right”.  Of course I rarely do things “right” so might just stick with the blue anyway.  I had a blue blanket on my crib when I was born and it hasn’t hurt me much!

I organised an Author Event at work.  I had been thinking that it would be a good way to bring attention to the lovely library they own and I managed to talk a local crime fiction author into doing it.  Unfortunately when I asked Stuart MacBride to sign my copy of his first novel Cold Granite, I still had my book mark in it so he told me off for not finishing it before the event.  Rookie error!  Am pleased to say I finished it shortly after and throughly enjoyed it.  Had bought 2nd and 3rd ones to dive straight into but decided I needed some light hearted stuff first so am reading a Mike Gayle at the mo.  Event went really well though, Stuart did a couple of readings and told us about his research – anecdotes about abbatoirs and bondage – what a mix!  Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves so that was fab!

Stuart MacBride in my library!

As you know, we moved to Aberdeen last year.  Bryan and Ray have friends Stephen and Hugh and all the gents now have wives.  Nicole and I decided it would be good to have a wives night so we could all get to know each other as individuals rather than just “my husband’s friend’s wife”!  Unfortunately Emma had the flu so it was just 3 of us but at least we’ve got to know Linda better – and we got pizza in the deal!  Just gives us an excuse to send the boys away to Ray’s again soon so we can try again!

This weekend Nadia was playing in the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra concert so we kept her man Gary company whilst she rehearsed and then went to the concert with him.  It was really good, as it had been last year.  So nice to hear traditional Scottish music, and see lots of men in kilts of course!!

Last night I contrasted that with a Nizlopi concert.  Like Nadia one of them plays the double bass but they do folk music, and instead of the lovely Music Hall we were in the rather darker venue of The Tunnels.  I did take a couple of quite funky pictures for my flickr page outside.  I was the band’s street team which means I stand outside and ask people going in to give me their email address for the band’s mailing list.  I’ve done street teaming a couple of times now and got to know a couple of the bouncers so its actually quite fun standing chatting to them.  I got given a t shirt so I wore that and was telling people they could buy it when they got inside – not sure I’m really a good model for selling clothes but at least I tried!  And it is a lovely totally organic tshirt – so soft!!  I got to meet both the band members too and they were totally lovely!  Luke came along first and wanted to get me a blanket (yes I was so dedicated I was wearing the tshirt and no jacket!) but I explained that it was good marketing and he had to let folk see the tshirt.  Then I met John and he said I needed a coat too!  Bless them worrying about me when they’ve been on the road for over a week in a wee van and had to entertain us later that evening! 

The gig was totally awesome, they were out in the crowd to start with and then moved onto the stage.  The place wasn’t packed out so most people had a seat and some of us were right at the front sitting cross legged.  Was so cool.  Unfortunately I still haven’t got the hang of my new camera so my pics aren’t too great, one of them is at that link above though.  We were all up dancing towards the end.  It’s fun dancing with random people that you don’t know, you can just enjoy yourself and be free, not needing to worry about what they think of you!

John from Nizlopi

They played The JCB Song at the end and then the encore was my favourite song Extraordinary.  I got a bit carried away with excitement and found myself sat on the front of the stage filming Luke singing, he looked right into the camera and sang a couple of lines.  If only I had the camera the right way round, me so thick!  Luckily I have a laptop so can just turn it on its end and watch it over and over!!  Maybe Bryan can fix it for me if I ask him nicely…!

Luke of Nizlopi

Anyway that’s pretty much my life up to date I think!  Should get out in the garden and see if I can work the mower and stuff!  Hope all is well with you and yours?!

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