Pretending to be “proper”…

As I was saying, my birthday treat from Bryan was a night D,B,B at Raemoir House Hotel.  I’d suggested we did something on the way there to make a day of it and give Bryan a chance to use his camera on something other than our cats.  However I then chose Drum Castle which is a National Trust place so they ask you not to use cameras in the house.  Oops!  Anyway we had a nice wander round enjoying the old house and the history. 

It was one of those “truely Aberdonian weather” days when it was snowing one minute and bright sunshine the next.  It stopped for us to get parked and get into the house and then we watched the fields disappear in white ness whilst we were wandering round the house.  When we wanted to go out to the tiny wee chapel and go up the really ancient tower it stopped again.  I even managed to persuade Bryan to pose for a photo – a very rare occassion so well worth blogging!

Bryan outside Drum Castle

The tower was quite tall so I didn’t last up on the roof for long before heading back inside and down to the safety of lovely mother earth!  By the time we got back to its door the snow was back on and so we had to make a run for the car with me giggling at the snow getting caught on Bryan’s stubble on the way!

The hotel upgraded our room to Superiour as a birthday treat, which was very kind of them.  This was the view from the window, although I was disappointed that noone used the helipad whilst I was watching.

 View from Bedroom window on Saturday afternoon

We had a nice lazy afternoon before getting dolled up for dinner and moving downstairs!  Dinner was very tasty and lovely, I had wood pigeon followed by a nice bit of rare coo and then a truely delicious chocolate fondant melty heap with clotted cream ice cream.  The fire alarm went off before dessert and I was relieved that we didn’t quite make it out the door as my coat was in our bedroom!!  A nice gentleman said he would have given me his suit jacket though, bless him!!

The next morning the view from the window was rather different and I was glad my helicopter wasn’t booked to pick me up as he might not have found the right spot…

View from Bedroom window on Sunday morning

Breakfast was yummy, I was naughty and had a full cooked breakfast (well without the evil mushrooms obviously!).  Diets don’t count when you’re away though do they?!  Maybe I worked it off clearing the car of snow – and throwing as much as I could of it at Bryan!

And now I’m sat waiting for my cousin Lynne to come visiting with her tiny wee son so I can do some more “oohing” and “ahhing”!  The hubby is coming too but he doesn’t have the same effect on me!!  Think we’re phoning for pizza so that will be a good contrast to last night.  They haven’t seen our house before so I had a frantic clean this afternoon.  Our cats think that cardboard boxes are the best toys so our lounge always looks a bit like a tip but I managed to sneak a couple out when they weren’t looking.  Well, I hoovered and they hid and I took my chance!!

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend too.  Over and out!

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