My great boys

Bryan took a photo of my chipper some time ago – when he was still alive you’ll be pleased to hear.  Then he put it on Flickr, and now it has won a contest or something –

Of course it was my gorgeous wee Jack that won.  He was so cute.  Although I think Bryan’s photography is “of the awesome” too!!

Oh yeah, so yesterday was my birfday.  What did I do to celebrate?  Well firstly I dived headlong into this lot:


Then I went to work and did some cataloguing and stuff.  It’s weird sitting in a room on your own on your birthday, when you’re a people person like me!  Of course I never used to work on my special day, it was a law of me but now that I’m the wrong side of 30 it doesn’t seem to matter anymore!  Or maybe the week off I took for my 30th is still keeping me going!

Luckily on the way to work I went into the DX office to collect any mail and there was a package there from one of my dearest friends.  And in that package was one of my heroes, who then kept me company the whole day.


Now the photos have to stop there as what I did after work was not allowed to be photographed.   Oooooh, exciting!  I went on a tour of the High Court.  Including the cells where they keep the (alleged) naughty persons during the day when they are appearing in court.  I was with a local crime fiction writer and it was interesting hearing what questions he had as he’s obviously thinking that one of his characters might go to court in a future book and he’s researching ready.  Meanwhile I decided that I never want to be a naughty person as I really didn’t like the tiny cells and the sparse toilet cubicle.  Later I found out you don’t get a whole cell to yourself and that put me off even more!!  I do like little luxuries like privacy and open doors…

My evening was spent being spoilt: fave dinner and soppy movie.  I also finished opening pressies and examined them all in detail – thanks to all who contributed, I remain as ever, a spoilt brat!  Tomorrow I get spoilt some more.  I couldn’t think what pressie I would like so hubby is taking us for D,B&B in a nice local hotel.  I do like pretending to be “proper” and staying in hotels.

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