Excellent Equus

So, I got this invite.  As I arrange group bookings at the theatre for work folks I was invited to a special “group bookers” night at HMT.  And special is certainly what it was!!  We met in one bar for free drinks.  Unfortunately Friday is still haunting me so I had orange juice rather than vino!  I did indulge in the gorgeous haggis balls and other nibbles, so good that Foyer does the catering there now!!  The lovely girl who I email about nights out was circulating and passing out the tickets and it was great to put a face to the name. 

The play was just awesome and amazing.  Five minutes in I was thinking Simon Callow couldn’t possibly have all those words saved in his head – but yes he did, and he was still going hours later.  He has such a wonderful voice and manner and is just fabulous.  Poor tortured Alfie Allen (tortured in the play, hopefully not in real life!) was totally tortured and I just wanted to hold him close and make it all go away for him.  Actually everyone in it was amazing and perfectly cast (down to the gorgeous big muscular horse).  Linda Thorsen made a wonderful magistrate, and I could see a couple of the real ones coming through the fictional role!  Is funny how you never escape what you work with!

The story is just timeless, awesome, totally submerging and thought provoking.  I loved how the characters interacted and how the present and past were intermingled on the stage!  By the end I just felt like sitting in a dark room for an hour to soak it all in and process all the thoughts that were whirling round my head.  But there was no way I thought I could sleep tonight, and hopefully I’ll type myself asleep just now as I’m not sure how one sleeps after such an experience!

Not that the end of the play was the end of the night.  Oh no!  Not for us chosen few.  We then were allowed to meet the cast.  So after watching Alfie Allen get totally naked I got to speak to him and shake his hand.  Kinda bizarre.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to talk to Laura O’Toole as her body was just too perfect and enviable and I was worried I’d try to scratch her eyes out!!  We did have a cat with Linda Thorsen about her part in Emmerdale which was cool.  Although as you’re chatting to these wonderous actors you wonder how they can put up with adoring fans after what must be an exhausting night’s work – but you make them chat to you anyway.  I just had to hear Simon Callow’s voice up close, bless him!

Anyway, go see it.  It’s amazing.  But don’t expect to come out laughing, you won’t.  Sometimes you don’t need to laugh though.

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